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The culture in Taos, New Mexico is a combination of various communities. The city of Taos cannot be described using any one term because it serves as a Spanish village, an art colony, an Indian Pueblo, and an alpine resort, all within the boundaries of one city. The different cultural traditions represented in Taos are preserved through the numerous festivals held throughout the year. The Spanish, Native American and Anglo traditions are also evident in the food, music, dance, art, and architecture found in and around Taos. A vacation to Taos is sure to be a busy one, with so many cultural and recreational activities within the city. Taos Bed and Breakfast, located in La Loma Plaza, provides a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful view of Taos, and can act as your gateway to many of the activities Taos has to offer.

One of the most culturally fascinating things to do in Taos, New Mexico, is to visit the Taos Pueblo, located a short drive from Taos Bed and Breakfast. The Pueblo Native Americans make up one of the oldest communites in the United States that has been continuously inhabited. The Pueblo village in Taos is the northern most village of the 13 Pueblos in New Mexico. The structures that make up the Pueblo were constructed between 1000AD and 1450AD, and are made entirely out of adobe. Adobe is a mixture of earth, water and straw that is formed into bricks either by being poured into a form or shaped by hand. They are then dried by the sun. The walls of the Pueblo huts are made several feet thick, and the roof is supported by large logs and smaller pieces of wood that are covered by packed dirt. These structrues have withstood the test of time and are still lived in today. Repairs to the exterior walls are made using mud as plaster, whereas the inside walls are cleaned and maintained using a wash of white earth. The Pueblo is open to visitors most of the year, with the exception of six weeks in the late winter and early spring, and will close for religious ceremonies. The Pueblo offers visitors a chance to see a completely different way of life and learn about the culture and traditions of the Pueblo people. The Taos Pueblo is easily accessible from the Taos Bed and Breakfast.

For the more adventureous visitor, Taos offers the best outdoor activities for young and old alike. From the Taos Bed and Breakfast, you can take a short drive to Taos Ski Valley, located in the southern Rocky Mountains. Whether you are a novice skiier or a professional, Ski Valley offers the perfect conditions for the whole family. Recently voted one of the best winter resort areas in North America, Taos Ski Valley offers affordable skiing, challenging terrain, and was rated number one for the best winter weather in the United States. With abundant snow, endless amounts of sun, and one of the best ski schools in the country, Taos Ski Valley Resort is a haven for skiiers. The short drive from Taos Bed and Breakfast will mean more time on the slopes and less time in the car. But do not pack your snowboard - Taos Ski Valley resort offers the best classic alpine skiing around, but does not allow snowboarding on their slopes.

The amount of recreational activities to do in Taos does not end when the slopes close for the summer. If you are still looking for adventure when the snow stops falling, you can take a horseback ride through the mountains, hike or bike the trails through the Ski Valley area, go fly fishing, or even hit the rapids of the Rio Grande in a kayak or a raft.

If you want to experience the different ethnic cultures and traditions of Taos, New Mexico, you can take the short two block walk from Taos Bed and Breakfast to downtown Taos. The spring and summer months are when the artistic side of Taos is most prevelent through numerous festivals, ranging from Wine and Art Festivals to Arts for Kids Weekends. Taos Bed and Breakfast is located only two blocks from the downtown Taos Plaza, home to the music series, "Taos Plaza Live", which showcases different musical talents every Thursday night during a free concert open to the public. The list of events for the summer months is extensive, and offers something for everyone. If you are interested in formal affairs, there are a number of auctions and black tie dinners in close proximety to Taos Bed and Breakfast. If you prefer the laid back atmosphere of a county fair, they are offered frequently throughout Taos during the summer months. The traditions of some of Taos's varied ethnic heritage are represented in different festivals such as the Children's Powwow and Las Fiestas de Taos. If you still feel the need for a little adventure, there is a 12 hour adventure race featuring everything from paddling to rope work and even some mystery events. From rodeos and car shows to Pueblo festivals and chili cook offs, there is never a lack of things to do in Taos, New Mexico.

When all of the excitement of the fairs and festivals dies down, you can continue to experience the New Mexico culture. Start by dining at one of the over 50 restuarants in Taos. Food ranges from spicy New Mexico cuisine to steak and lobster to an international menu. After dinner, there are a number of bars and lounges in the area that offer live entertainment. You can even head to the Taos Mountain Casino for some blackjack. After experiencing a full day out in Taos, you can relax at Taos Bed and Breakfast. Unwind in the outdoor hot tub, stroll through the gardens that surround the property, or simply enjoy the quiet ambience that Taos Bed and Breakfast has to offer. Taos Bed and Breakfast provides a beautiful, romantic atmosphere close to Taos Ski Valley, Taos Pueblo, and downtown Taos. Taos provides plenty to keep you busy, Taos Bed and Breakfast provides a luxurious atmosphere in which to unwind after it all.

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